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Bulk Order

Save more!

You Can’t Afford to Overpay

At Acute Pharmacy , we are aware of the challenging financial and time constraints. Because of this, you cannot afford to waste time or money on shoddy distributors or exorbitantly priced wholesale drugs.

Acute Pharmacy sources all 2,000+ of its medications directly from the manufacturer, saving you the extra costs associated with dealing with a middleman and safeguarding your pedigrees. 

Purchases can be made online around-the-clock, or you can use the knowledge of your own dedicated Account Manager, who will assist you by providing answers to your questions, negotiating prices, and navigating the constantly shifting market landscapes.

Save money by purchasing in bulk, Regardless of the quantity. 

Acute Pharmacy is your one-stop shop for instant volume discounts when purchasing in bulk. Shop thousands of products including cannabis seeds, dried plants and herbs, vaporizers, magic truffles, mushroom grow kits, and more. 

Acute Pharmacy can meet your bulk supply needs whether you need two or 2,000 items. The more you buy in bulk, the larger the bulk discount and the lower the cost per unit. Buying in bulk can help your company save money.

Large-scale purchase

Purchases in large quantities.
A single-SKU order worth more than $10,000 or 999 units. Customers can buy in bulk in either unquoted or quoted quantities.

Volume Discounts

Suppliers use Quantity Discounts to set pricing tiers so that as volume increases, the unit price decreases. Over 2000 products are eligible for quantity discounts. Some discounts begin with as few as two units.

No Prescriptions needed

Benefits of buying in bulk from Acute Pharmacy is that, Without a prescription or health insurance, we can deliver large orders that you place with us. 

Upon completion, verification, and confirmation of your eligible bulk order payments, we will add one extra sampler gram of any of our chemicals to your order. 

As a bulk order is not considered to be for personal or individual consumption, it automatically passes the prescription requirement check privileges, and processing bulk orders does not necessitate the submission of prescriptions.

You receive Test Samples with your bulk order.

Bulk orders include test samples of any products of your choice attached alongside the main big bulk order package, as a modest gesture of a “test-sample” just for you to check and try out the taste and quality of our products before opening the main bulk purchase package. 

Before opening the bulk order package, inspect the sampler gram/pills inside the individual sampler bag. If you are dissatisfied with the flavor or quality of our products, simply return the main bulk order package “as sent” and unopened. You will then receive an immediate full refund. No Questions Asked!

Help Us Protects the environment

Due to the items’ “all-in-one” nature, less packaging has a lower impact. Thus, by using fewer packaging materials for individual items, you are reducing the environmental impact.

Prevent stock shortages

Stock shortages can be prevented, and your supplies will always be available, by planning ahead.

Time is money

There is no need to place separate orders every time you need new stock. You don’t have to place separate orders every time you need new stock. To avoid the hassle of placing repeat orders, to avoid the hassle of reordering simply just buy in bulk.