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Product Detail

Aqualyx (like kybella) 10×8 ml



The weight loss method known as Aqualyx is a step-by-step approach that has been tried and proven effective. A strategy known as analysis, in which an aqueous gel is used to remove excess fat, uses a method that does not involve surgery to target fat cells and destroy them.

Aqualyx is fully biodegradable and biocompatible. It uses a strategy primarily founded on slow-launch sugar to dissolve cellulite at the injection spot sooner than it is transferred along the body via the lymphatic and excretory mechanism.

What kind of items are contained within the box?

10 x 8 ml vials of Aqualyx

What Advantages Does Aqualyx Have to Offer?

It is advisable to use Aqualyx when:

Exercise and a healthy diet can eliminate cellulite and fatty deposits, but cussed fats can only be removed through liposuction. Pseudogynecomastia can be treated  males, and this treatment is suitable for all of the following body parts:

  1. Thighs
  2. Knees
  3. Buttocks
  4. Hips
  5. Back Stomach sChin

How exactly is the treatment administered?

Patients can only be treated with this medicine if they are evaluated and treated by scientific specialists who have received professional education in the administration of Aqualyx. Injections are generally repeated every 3 – four weeks and usually 2 injections at every area throughout each therapy

As people get older, the subcutaneous fat layer shifts because the microcirculation and lymph drainage process becomes more disrupted. This causes the subcutaneous fat layer to change. In addition to these distinctions, women frequently struggle with issues such as cellulite. To effectively treat this deficiency, no matter how far it has progressed, medical experts have devised a one-of-a-kind apparatus in the form of an injection called AQUALYX. This injection helps to repair the fundamental capabilities of cells while also easing the tension in the skin and restoring its natural relaxation.

Because AQUALYX is a progressive lipolytic, it breaks down and removes fat cells from the body. This enables you to change your body shape effectively with just a few injections.

The essential active ingredient of AQUALYX is sodium deoxycholate – a biocompatible salt of deoxycholic acid, which in our frame is often made by employing the liver. It has been utilized for a long time for fat-burning mesotherapy at a slightly lower awareness; nonetheless, the fresh new method has significant differences, including the following

Because the agent is shaped like a unique gel, it is possible to divide subcutaneous fat with increased precision. This not only makes it possible to achieve a more beneficial result but also makes it less likely that there will be unfavorable side effects.

When working with AQUALIX, a fundamentally different injection method known as intralipotherapy is utilized. Throughout intralipotherapy, fewer injections are carried out (2 or three).

If you have any queries regarding the system, the components of AQUALYX, or the shipment, the professionals at the EuroMex internet keep are more than happy to assist you. When you buy AQUALYX from us online, you can take advantage of our low prices.

Upon touch with fat cells, the medicine fast breaks down their membranes (about the identical impact is generated through ultrasonic liposuction – and, through the approach, these strategies are sometimes merged in a single famous route to beautify the result) (approximately the identical impact is produced through ultrasonic liposuction – and, through the manner, these strategies are often mixed in a single popular route to beautify the result). Then the lymphatic machine begins its activity, eliminating the fats from the body and the ensuing degradation merchandise.

As with other lipolytic, AQUALIX is not a medication that aids in weight loss. With its support, it’s far not possible to eliminate more kilos: exercise or bariatric are much better for this diet. You can adjust virtually any portion of the body, including “the second chin,” the neck, the stomach, hips, or even the knees. However, before placing an order for AQUALIX and using it in your lab, we strongly advise you to conduct all necessary consultations and checks concerning the method.

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