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Product Detail

Bubba Banner Solventless Wax -(made by Essential Extracts)



Bubba Banner Solventless Wax-(made by Essential Extracts)

made by Essential Extracts
Water-extracted hash made from a mix of Bubba Kush and Bruce Banner #3 trim, filtered at the 73 micron level


This hash has a very pure appearance, with a perfect shiny/waxy outer shell and a sticky texture once broken apart or squeezed between the fingers. It did break apart a bit, and apparently that texture came because the trim used wasn’t all completely fresh (which generally allows a more oil-like consistency). At the microscopic level, there is almost no evidence of plant matter and particulate left in this extraction — very clean! Due to the crumbly texture and its tendency to absorb into the fingers, we suggest using a mechanical implement to handle it rather than your fingers.


This sample seemed to take mostly after the Bubba side of the trim, but also had some tinges of Diesel and Kush aroma that brought the Banner #3 to mind. Lightly sweet, but very earthy, the fuel smells mostly came out after it was broken apart.


This wasn’t the strongest-tasting hash sample we’ve had lately, but it was very pleasant and left an enduring earthy/Kushy aftertaste on the lips. Again it seemed to take on much more of the darker and musky Bubba notes than it did the Banner — we’d like to see a more balanced blend of flavors, but it was still very enjoyable. The taste degraded on the latter hits (as happens with 99% of hash) but it was a very smooth smoking experience regardless, with minimal coughing.


The early effects of this one were interesting, in that they didn’t seem immediately strong, coming on more directly after the initial 30 minutes or so. We felt early drymouth and glossy, pressurized eyes, as well as a relaxing and pain-relieving analgesic body effect, both of which kept up throughout most of the main duration. Mentally, we felt a little slower-paced than normal and more inclined to seated activities than anything very active or mentally-taxing, but thoughts were clear enough, making this suitable for light work or creative pursuits. The ocular effects and body relaxation/pain relief were the enduring effects of this med and lasted through almost the entire duration. Smooth incline and decline here, never anxious or overly-potent.


While this wasn’t our favorite Essential Extracts sample we’ve tried, it is certainly ‘A’-level bubble hash that is highly recommended, showing evidence of an extremely clean extraction process and post-extraction care. It was a little tough to handle at times due to its tendency to melt into the fingers, but was still easier than gooey BHO. The blend of strains was noticed mostly in the aroma, which had definite Banner notes, but otherwise this felt and tasted mostly like Bubba Kush. The pain-killing and relaxation qualities of Bubba seemed to come through as well, making our bodies feel great without laying too heavily upon the mind. This extract would be great for a lazy morning or an after-work unwinding, providing quality pain relief for 2+ hours.