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BUY Anabol Tablets British Dispensary (5 mg/tab) 1000 tabs, PRICE IS EACH PER BOTTLE!


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Product: Anabol Tablets
Manufacturer: British Dispensary
Quantity: 5 mg/tablet
Pack: 1000 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methandienone




Anabol Tablets British Dispensary (5 mg/tab) 1000 tabsThe product Anabol Tablets 5mg is a source agent anabolic steroid. This is the strongest anabolic agent significantly increases protein synthesis in muscles and effectively restores muscle fiber after exercise. In addition, the benefit of this tool and opinions of thousands of athletes, had time to test the action of the drug itself.

Using Anabol is very common in medicine, where it is used to increase appetite when impaired protein digestibility. In this preparation, with proper and regular intake, can lead to better overall health. Such drug action is probably caused by anabolic reactions in the body gets a certain amount of free nitrogen, a beneficial effect on health. It is also worth mentioning that methandienona, is the main active ingredient of the drug, it promotes better calcium metabolism and stimulates entry into the bone tissue.

For the first time the drug was obtained by J. Ziegler in 1956. The free sale Anabol has been possible only since 1960. After some years of application of the drug was able to cover not only the US, but also the western part of Europe. Thus, in a few years this product has earned a strong reputation and became widely consumed by athletes of all sports. Today criticism that can give an adequate response to all skeptical about the effectiveness and safety of the sport.


Daily doses ranging from 1 to 12 tablets. But at the time of objective information about the direct relationship between increasing doses of Anabol and speed of the masses is a set of muscles. So you see, a reasonable daily dose of 12 tablets and more difficult to name. Therefore, it is more convenient to have a steroid dose from 15 mg to 50 mg.
Of course, the dosage of the drug should be based on the individual characteristics of each athlete. If you are a beginner, the recommended daily dose of a substance for you – not more than 30 mg. Exquisite respect of all recommendations, the desired result of taking Anabol opinions applications are a clear proof of this will manifest after three to four weeks of taking the pills.

On average, the use Anabol, the price of which also today is very accessible, it is necessary for 4-6 weeks. Taking this steroid preferably after a meal, placing it under the tongue. The daily dose should be divided into two or three doses.


Regular consumption of steroids Anabol will increase to 10 kilograms of muscle and mass. It is clear that the outcome will be for each individual, because it depends largely on the quality of food and athlete’s training regimen. Concluding his best option to take muscle mass will consolidate the use of oral stanozolol (better injection, which does not damage the liver) – so you can fix the result and prevent the partial weight loss increase with stanozolol to strengthen muscles stiffer and dry. The oral stanozolol can be purchased at our shop: Strombofort, Stanodrol 10 Azolol. In addition to consolidating the results and avoid catabolic phase after a course of steroids you can take clenbuterol – 40-80mkg about a day.

It was shown that the use of this drug in combination with another allows to achieve a much better result, besides buying Anabol and other drugs in our store is very simple.

Thus, the complex use Winstrol can achieve, above all, the gain in terms of power, and then the muscle. If you are more interested in a set of muscle mass, then combine this with Sustanon or AAS nandrolone.


Higher than recommended doses does not lead necessarily to Anabol serious side effects. Speaking of muscle growth must say that after the cessation of methandienone, water accumulated in the muscles, quickly begins to emerge, leading to a significant loss of muscle mass gain. To prevent rolling backwards after taking the tablet (critical in this case – your reliable and trusted source of information about the drug) will help stanozolol and / or clenbuterol.


This high-quality medication that you can buy in our online store. IT products – preparations of exceptional quality, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by feedback from our customers. Even if you want to buy Anabol, and do not know how to do, our sales consultants will gladly answer all your burning questions.

Today, many professional and novice athletes are increasingly buying Anabol comments that highlight the effectiveness of the drug. Our shop offers to buy steroids with the best conditions for this, simply add the item to the shopping cart and follow the instructions that are written on our website. The shipment of goods is carried out in European countries. If you want to buy the drugs in large quantities we have a discount system.