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Product Detail



Butane extracted hash oil, made from 100% in-house ChemDawg #4 (Sativa-dominant hybrid)




Though this oil seemed very shiny and like it would be almost wet to the touch, it was actually rather stable and easy to handle, especially when stored in the fridge or freezer, which we’d recommend (it does begin to melt a bit when excessively handled manually). The color was a mustardy golden yellow and it seemed rather opaque, as no bubbles were visible except at the microscope level. As far as those bubbles, it’s unclear if it was simply residual moisture or gas bubbles that weren’t purged from the final product… we didn’t pick up any hints of residual butane in the flavor or smell, but it’s worth mentioning.


This was one of the strongest-smelling butane extracts we’ve encountered — it was very pungent and almost exactly like the parent strain, which is highly appreciated in a strain-specific extract. Chem #4 is known for its acrid pine-fuel-citrus combination aroma, and this extract delivers that in spades, especially on the fingers when handled. Along with the clear Chem influences, there was also the standard lightly vegetal pine tar-like aroma that we’ve come to recognize as essentially the base aroma of cannabis extracts.


The flavor was much like the smell, hitting all the proper notes for a Chem strain, with strong flavors of lemon pinesol and fuel. The majority of the review staff coughed rather heavily almost immediately after exhaling, and that continued for a few minutes. One reviewer using a titanium skillet experienced no real harshness, but it gave that constrictive chest feeling that made it tough to breathe for a minute or two, then it cleared up immediately after, making us almost feel as if our lungs and throat were more clear than they started.


This Chem #4 BHO was as pungent-smelling a butane extract as we’ve ever encountered, and one reviewer said the initial effects were as medicated as he can remember being — so there’s certainly a lot to like about this one. While the tiny bubbles visible in the pictures above did make us slightly nervous, we didn’t really see, taste, or smell and other evidence of residual butane. Like most extracts, this one is not or beginners, both due to its potency level, and also due to its tendency to cause some fairly heavy coughing. However, once the initial hash sweat + heavy cranial pressure phase died off, we felt very stimulated mentally, in a capable yet semi-distracted way, our focus running to a variety of things. The lack of a directly tiring comedown or lingering effects was a bonus for such a strongly Sativa-feeling med, as was the rather long duration, with medicinal effects staying fairly constant through 2.5 hours, trailing out over 4+ total. We like this one as a daytime med primarily, though the strong eye effects might cause a late-night session to turn into an unexpected nap on the couch.