Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)

Substance: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)

Package: 10ml vial (50mg/ml)



Rexogin is the brand name for the strong anabolic steroid Stanozolol suspension. It is very effective in building a lot of muscles as well as reducing the body fat quickly. It is manufactured by Alpha Pharma India. Many users have reported that while taking Rexogin, they have experienced huge increase their athletic strength, endurance and speed. It is derived from the dihydrotestosterone and its androgenic activity is higher than its anabolic activity. However, it is still categorized as the anabolic steroid. Its anabolic properties are lower but still it can be very reliable for building muscles.

As the compound does not aromatize into estrogen, therefore you don’t need to take anti-estrogens with it. It would not cause any estrogenic side effects like water retention and gynecomastia. So individuals who are willing to get a got lean and ripped physique can use this steroid effectively. It also burns the fat from the body significantly allowing the users to lose weight at much higher rate.

Many experienced body builders combine it with some other steroids in order to make it more effective in achieving their results. You can stack it with testosterone, Anadrol or Dianabol if you want to use it for bulking cycle. This combination could result in some significant growth in muscle mass and strength. If you are willing to improve its effectiveness in cutting cycle, you should stack it with Trenbolone.

For sensitive individuals, you can combine Rexogin with Primobolan, Deca-Durabolin or Boldenone to increase its effectiveness without increasing the risk of harmful side effects. By this combination, you can get some great results in short period of time.


The recommended dose of Rexogin for men is 100 to 600mg per week depending upon the male characteristics. The recommended dose for females is 25mg to 50mg per week.

There are some side effects associated with Rexogin. They are arms and leg swelling, hair loss, facial hair development, enlargement of clitoris and menstrual irregularities.