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EX-DEMO unit MesoVIP mechanical mesotherapy gun

MESO-VIP Specifications

A mechanical device for the application of micro injections.

Meso VIP is a mechanical device built with heavy-duty molded plastic (nylon) and stainless steel that makes it highly shock and breaking resistant.

– easy to use, lightweight, 300 grams only
– adjustable needle penetration depth
– allows you to use different formats of syringes
– very low maintenance. Contains no screws that can be isolated and ruin the apparatus
– assembled by hand, highly accurate, and secure. Assures always inject the same amount of medication at the same depth, avoiding loss of product and time, making the treatment less traumatic.

g) essential when you need quick cleaning in the placement of medications in patients’ nervous, sore, or tender MESO-VIP

MESO-VIP Ideal for:

Veterinary(Especially for small, nervous, and aggressive animals)







Cosmetic medicine (cellulite, implants, etc.)

Weight: 300 grams.

Recommended use:10 cc syringe with 27-30 G 1/2 needles

Manual Assembly

Protecting box in resistant plastic

Mesotherapy uses micro-injections of a potent combination of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and plant extracts, to improve the appearance of the skin, remove excess fat, or rejuvenate thinning hair. It’s a noninvasive treatment that takes about 30 minutes, over multiple sessions. While mostly painless, it can be uncomfortable, so an anesthetic cream can be used for sensitive skin.

Mesotherapy is great because it’s an effective treatment with minimal downtime. You may experience a little swelling or bruising, but it usually only lasts 24 hours or so.

So exactly how beneficial is mesotherapy? Let’s go through the latest research.

  1. Mesotherapy and Improved Skin

    AESTHETIC recently evaluated the clinical effects of mesotherapy to determine the efficacy of these treatments. They found a 56.2% decrease in the depth of crow’s feet after 5 sessions of mesotherapy.