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Product Detail


Buy DESIRIAL online

DESIRIAL Buy online is a vaginal rejuvenation injectable make of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and the antioxidant mannitol. Use this gel for non-surgical labiaplasty, helping correct vaginal atrophy or dryness before menopause.

Ingredients Information

Hyaluronic acid – helps restore moisture and volume to tissue.
Mannitol – an antioxidant which helps reduce hyaluronic acid degradation so it lasts longer, and also an anti-inflammatory to help reduce redness and swelling after an injection.

As the first antioxidant, hyaluronic acid-based gel formulated for the treatment of vaginal dryness, Desirial is a unique new treatment option in women’s gynaecologic care. This injectable viscosupplement solution is non-animal and biodegradable, making it both bioavailable and safe for use.

Because hyaluronic acid has a short half-life and is soluble in water, Desirial features a cross-linked variety in order to ensure the filler’s stability. During the cross-linking process, molecules are bound together and are able to remain intact for several months. This enables Desirial to maintain its hydrating properties for long periods of time.

Vaginal dryness is a common experience among women, and may stem from a variety of health issues, including the consumption of prescription medications and menopause. Characterized by feelings of chronic irritation, burning, and itching, this ailment leads to the drying of vaginal mucosa and the loss of elasticity. Caused by the decreased vascularization of the dermis and the degeneration of collagen and elastin fibres, this issue can seriously affect a patient’s quality of life.

Desirial offers a solution to this problem: designed to restore tone, elasticity, sensitivity, and hydration to the vulvovaginal area, this injectable filler drastically reduces vaginal discomfort.


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