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Buy Nexus Vape Cartridge online



Nexus Vape Cartridge Built on creativity and passion, Cannareup Store has re-mastered the vaping industry to bring the world the best portable vaporizer experience. We’ve teamed up with some of the best product engineers to combine technology, quality, and experience; hence the name “nexus.” The nexus vaporizer features three of the finest atomizers; the all ceramic disq to ensure the purest flavor, the crystal quartz single with a crystal quartz rod and titanium coil for more power, and the crystal quartz dual with two crystal quartz rods and titanium coil for the biggest clouds and the most power. All three are included and designed to carry the largest capacity of over nexus Vape Cartridge 5 grams.

650 mAh Temperature Controlled Battery: (340°F, 400°F, 460°F)

• 20 Second Drag Time

• Nexus Ceramic Disq Atomizer (Non-Combustion)

• Nexus Crystal Quartz Single Atomizer with Titanium Coil

• Nexus Crystal Quartz Dual Atomizer with Titanium Coil

• Glossy Glaze Finish

• Deep-Seated Chamber (½ gram capacity)

• 510 Threaded

• No Wicks, Glues, or Dyes

• USB Charging Port For Rechargeable battery.

• Designed in the USA

• Quality Inspected in the USA

• Lifetime Warranty (Battery)

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