Princess Lift PDO LFL Barb II




Princess Lift PDO LFL Barb II 23G ® Description

Princess Lift PDO LFL Barb II 23G ® is a long lasting absorbable thread which is produced by molding method and comes in a high quality cannula. This thread gives a spectacular face lifting and contouring, body contouring and deep and fine wrinkle improvement. Threads are in polydioxanone (PDO), a bio-material used in surgery for 30 years. The thread is on a very thin needle for supporting and restricting the risk of hematoma and pain. The Lfl Pdo threads of Croma Pharma ® have a CE marking and a quality and safety certificate.

Product Features

Princess Lift ® PDO LFL Barb II 23G with bi-directional cogs acts to hold the skin like double hooks when the thread is tightened. It is a perfect solution for improving the firmness and redefine facial contours, correcting sagging arms, chest and neck. The threads are characterized by immediate lifting effect and long lasting effect on collagen synthesis. Threads reshape the face; soften the wrinkles and the lip contour. Princess Lift PDO ® LFL Barb II 23G thread bidirectional works to redefine the oval and struggling against the jowl.


Linking of the face with threads makes a natural and lasting result without changing expressions and a safe technique, non-invasive, with few side effects. PDO threads, upon degradation create new collagen and elastin. They rejuvenate the skin and allow very soft “lifting effect”.

Treatment Areas

Up to eighty threads, without over-correcting effect because the thread doesn’t “swells” with water. It is inserted through the needle into the middle dermis of it. Princess Lift ® PDO LFL Barb II is specifically designed for correction of tissues in correct position. This thread is particularly aimed at lifting purposes. It is applied for lifting of the middle and lower third of the face and different body areas (combined with linear injections). Furthermore, it is intended for body contouring and body lifting and lifting of the submental area of the neck. In addition, insertion into lateral areas of the neck for lifting purposes and body lifting is very popular.