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Skywalker OG Clear Concentrate


Skywalker OG Clear Our CBD Shatter tests at 90% CBD, 5% CBG, and 5% CDT (Cannabis-derived terpenes) 0.00% THC. The incredible Cannabis flavor you taste and smell is only available here!

It is hard to explain calmly the euphoria of CBD. Think inner peace that tastes like the best Cannabis you have ever smoked, ever.

Shatter is made in a laboratory with solvents, heat, pressure, and water to provide a pure extract.

Its’ chunky crystalline structure liquifies immediately with a vaporizer or e-nail. Perfect for dabbing, vaping, and infusing into your favorite foods or drinks!

Skywalker OG Clear Ingredients:

CBD Isolate, Cannabis Terpenes
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Skywalker OG Shatter that Society reviewers tried out was the creme de la creme, the very best of line, the pick of your litter, the in addition worlds, the cream of your crop-Basically, a large-end product that does what exactly it’s imagined to do, and it incredibly properly. Its traditional kush lineage is instantly detectable, presenting that telltale herbal and diesel scented notes.


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