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Product Detail

Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml (Stanozolol ) – 10 Ampoules per pack


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Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml is a steroid drug of a new generation that has a fat burning effect. Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml is produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals.


Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml is a steroid drug of a new generation that has a fat burning effect. Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml is produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. The drug is a substitute for Winstrol (injectable stanozole), it is used for rapid increasing of muscle mass and is a perfect tool for losing weight. Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml strengthens bones and bone tissues by contributing to the accumulation of phosphorus and calcium and improving the supply of tissues with oxygen. The active substance of Strombaject is Stanozolol, which doesn’t dissolve in oil like most of the steroids, but is soluble in water. Because of this fact the drug should be used with minimal interruptions, since the half-life of this drug is short. If you combine the systematic strength exercises with taking Strombaject aqua, you can gain about 10kg of muscle mass without many efforts.

Since Stanozolol is not estrogenic, adminstration of the anti-estrogens is not required. When using this steroid no gynecomastia is registered even among the most susceptible users. As Stanozolol almost does not retain the water , no need to worry about the excessive hypodermic fat. It makes this stuff irreplaceable for taking in short cycles when the water retention and hypodermic fat are inadmissible. Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml l is very popular among the athletes in power/ high-speed sports like field-and-track athletics.

Dosage Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml

The most common weekly dosage is 500 mg. When using this steroid in various combinations, the weekly Strombaject Aqua dosage usually lessens to 250 mg. Mainly, the users take from 250 and up to 1000 mg weekly. It should be mentioned, that the ordinary users are not recommended to take the high doses and that those doses are extremely uncommon.

Combining Sustamed with Danabol, Nandrolone Decanoate or Anapolon will support the rapid muscular mass growth. For the muscular quality improvement, the steroid is usually combined with it Primobolan, Parabolan, Oxandrolone or Stanozolol.

The female users, who are already taking testosterone or just going to start its administration, are recommended to choose Sustamed (the injection in the amount of 250mg once in 10-14 days, six weeks maximally), or Testosterone Propionate. It is better for those, who are only starting to take steroids, not to use any testosterones, as they are not needed for the beginners.

Side effects Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml

The possible Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml rare side effects are aggression, increased skin fat secretion, elevated sexual stimulation, baldness and the own hormones’ secretion decrease. As the female bodybuilders are taking this steroid for mass-building purpose in the reduced doses, rare masculinization bad effects could appear. They are the clitoris size enlargement, loss of hair and the voice becoming deeper.

The probability of harmful impact on the user’s liver is quite low, though in the increased doses, the size of the liver could become enlarged.

Advantage Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml

Another advantage of Strombaject aqua 50mg/ml is that athletes who take Strombaject Aqua in the form of injections do not face such a side effect as the aromatization of the drug in estrogen. Because of a short period of life, Stanozolol leads to better results, athletes and bodybuilders take 50 mg of Strombaject Aqua once per two days or every day. The average duration of such course is from 4 to 8 weeks. The Strombaject drug can be combined with such drugs as Parabolan, Danabol, Turinabol to enhance the effect of these drugs. Also in order to improve the effect of the drug you can use Nandrolom and Primbolom. For such combinations, side effects are not typical, so with their application you can achieve good results faster. Strombaject Aqua and Anavar combination is considered one of the most effective and safe combination for muscle mass gain and loss of fat, without water retention and side estrogen effects. Athletes can also achieve high results when taking Strombaject Aqua combined with Trenbolone and Testosterone propionate. You can read about other steroids like Genotropin.