• Turanabol

    General information:

    Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
    Substance: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
    Pack: 60 tabs (10mg/tab)



4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone sold under the brand name Turanabol, is an anabolic steroid developed in the 1960s, a highly competitive time for the Olympics and national level sports, the East German experts were looking for effective steroids that would circumvent these sports drug testing policies.
What they settled on was the methylated version of
4-chlorotestosterone, also called Oral Turanabol. Oral Turanabol is
often described as having properties somewhere between Dianabol, and
Anavar. With its moderate anabolic effects, and mild-ish side effects,
this isn’t a bad description. Turanabol displays anabolic tendencies
that are approximately equal to or slightly greater than those of
testosterone, while exhibiting little or no androgenic activity.

Because of this slower rate of gain, people who take Turanabol
should not expect weight, strength or muscle mass to increase
dramatically, but the muscle and strength they do gain will be a quality gain. People report that Turanabol gives a nice hard look
because it lacks the estrogenic properties which can lead to an
undesirable puffy look.

One of the other benefits of Turanabol stems from why the East
Germans were able to use it undetected for a while: The body quickly
breaks it down and excretes it which might make it beneficial for those
who will be undergoing drug screening.

Because of the 4-chloro alteration, Oral Turanabol can’t interact
with the aromatase enzyme, so estrogenic side effects aren’t really a
concern. However, it is interesting to note that some users report mild
gynocomastia with oral turanabol alone. Whether this is due to the
aromatization of a small amount of methyltestosterone left over from
the manufacturing process, or Oral Turanabol possibly having a small
amount of direct action at the estrogen receptor, is unclear. The
4-chloro alteration also prevents Oral Turanabol from interacting with
the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, so conversion to a dihydro form is not
possible. Even so, androgenic allopecia is still possible with higher
doses eg (>40mg/day), and not surprisingly, some erectile
dysfunction will be present when Oral Turanabol is used alone despite a
functional, or highly functional sex drive. Although mild acne, gas,
indigestion, elevated liver enzymes, diminished production of
leutinizing hormone, and natural testosterone, are all worth noting,
the most serious concern is the effect it has on the blood lipid

Regardless of dosage amounts and length of regimens, Turanabol has
one characteristic that should give caution to all of its users: It is
17-alpha alkylated which makes it hepatotoxic because it can’t be
easily broken down in the liver. Although some studies show liver
enzymes to stay within normal ranges on a dose of ten milligrams per
day, people using Oral Turanabol should keep usage limited to about six
weeks to avoid liver damage. Additionally, Turanabol can lower the
blood’s ability to clot, so special caution should be taken when using
this steroid.


Oral Turanabol
has its pros and cons, it does produce quality gains in muscle mass as
well as strength, even if these gains are not as dramatic or quick as
you might get from an aromatizable, or more androgenic oral steroid.