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Product Detail

Candy Jack (500mg)


Category: ASCND Kurvana


Approximately Candy Jack Sativa pressure
The extremely-strong sativa hashish strain candy Jack emits an earthy aroma and tastes of Candy Jack. Parent strains of sweet Jack are a cross among the sativa Jack Herer and hybrid Skunk #1.THC levels of this stress had been recognised to reach highs of 27%. It’s been called one of the strongest sativas inside the global though it has a CBD level of much less than 1%. Its high will energize the customer, developing a completely unique cerebral high that leans in the direction of creative thoughts and euphoria. cognizance can be extended, making many responsibilities easier to accomplish. Reviewers note this stress’s capability to counter the strain of the day away, in conjunction with complications and in some times, persistent pain.

Bad effects include dry eyes and mouth, with a few reporting slight bouts of paranoia, dizziness or headaches relying on dosage consumed. Jack is a unprecedented pressure, however may be observed at the West Coast and once in a while in Nevada.

Candy Jack


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