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Product Detail

Cotton tote bag Weedy


We no longer present the tote bag so much it invites itself in all our pockets and all our rooms. However, there is still one missing! Weedy offers you his reusable and strong fabric bag for all everyday uses … and also exceptional situations. It’s simple, we can’t do without it!

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A super practical tote bag with a nice look

Cotton tote bag Weedy uses the structure of the classic fabric bag popular with users. On the look side, the beige cotton goes everywhere and recalls the original color of the vegetable fiber as well as that of the hemp which is dear to us. On the practical side, its long handles can be held in the hand, worn over the shoulder or tied so that nothing drops from its precious contents. Finally, its weight of 105 grams / m2 ensures the fabric to be strong enough to carry all types of objects, but thin enough to easily fold up and take anywhere. It’s simple, with only 66 grams, the tote bag Weedy is always where we expect it to be, ready to make your life easier !

When and where to use your fabric bag Weedy.Fr ?

Convenient and useful, the cotton tote bag accompanies you everywhere: to carry your bath towel and sunscreen to the beach, keep your personal belongings nearby during a trip and of course folded in a pocket or bag everyday, ready to be unsheathed as shopping bag.

Cotton tote bag Weedy


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