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Product Detail

Mexedrone (Mephedrone) Crystals for sale


Chemical Data :
IUPAC: 3-methoxy-2-(methylamino)-1-(4-methylphenyl)propan-1-one



Molecular Weight: 207.27

Molecular Formula: C12H17NO2


Buy on-line Mexedrone Crystals on-line

Mexedrone may be a compound belonging to the substituted cathinone family of stimulants that initial appeared on-line in 2015.

Buy mephedrone crystals on-line it’s the formal and systemactic IUPAC name 3-methoxy-2-(methylamino)-1-(p-tolyl)propan-1-one. it’s a relative molar mass of 207.27 grams and an empirical formula C12H17NO2.

Cathinones are similar in structure to amphetamines. They contain a phenethylamine backbone with a benzol substituted with an alkyl group chain connected to an group with a alkyl substituent at the alpha carbon adjacent to the N. Cathinones in addition have a organic compound substituent at the beta carbon that differentiates them from amphetamines.

Then a methoxy (CH3O) group is certain to the alkyl at the alpha carbon. it’s this methoxy group that offers mexedrone its name.

Therefore, structurally mexedrone is an alpha-methoxy by-product of the wide known substituted cathinone 4MMC additionally called mephedrone. it’s been defined as a weak and non-selective re-uptake matter at the dopamine transporter (DAT), noradrenaline transporter (NET) and serotonin transporter (SERT) with IC50 values within the low small molar vary. in addition it displays weak monoamine neurotransmitter cathartic character at SERT with an EC50 of two.5 μM. This activity is analogous to the activity of mephedrone that also acts as a serotonin releasing agent.

Increased dopamine and serotonin within the conjunction are responsible for the stimulatory, euphoric and entactogenic properties of those compounds.

The future toxicity and health effects of recreational consumption of mexedrone square measure unknown. it’s a awfully short amount of human use. purchase mephedrone crystals on-line

Mexedrone isn’t for human or animal consumption.

A range of physical and cognitive effects are reported by unproven sources on-line.

Physical effects of mexedrone are reported as euphoria, improvement of bit and a heat soft tingling sensation that rises up to a most throughout the height of the expertise. A sedating element distinguishes mexedrone from its shut relative mephedrone that may be a stimulant. this may discourage physical activity like recreation.

Negative physical effects that are reported embrace dehydration, foggy vision, perspiration, heating of the body and grinding of the teeth in an exceedingly manner like however less severe than MDMA.

Subjective cognitive effects are reported as as well as a light euphoria and feelings of happiness and acceleration of thought. There are some reports of auditory improvement.Buy mephedrone crystals on-line

Negative when effects also are reported as well as loss of motivation, problem thinking, anxiety, problem thinking, depression and irritability.Buy mephedrone crystals on-line

It is reported as being of a lower efficiency than mephedrone and manufacturing less stimulation and high spirits.

Stimulants normally could also be psychologically habit-forming and encourage compulsive use. The cathinones have a high potential for abuse. Tolerance develops with perennial use that means individuals can use ever increasing doses to attain the “high”. Higher doses place a larger strain on the body and will be toxic.

It is probably dangerous to combine mexedrone with alcohol, cocaine, tramadol and NBOMes


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