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Product Detail

Transgender MTF Transitioning Twin Pack



Weight:20.00 Ounces

Shipping:Calculated at Checkout



Testo-RID & Estro-Surge

Two containers of 50 Capsules per container of Testo-RID AND Estro-Surge (2 containers in total of 50 capsules per container).

From Jungledog Labs – The Leaders in Natural Hormone Manipulation!
Due to the overwhelming requests for a Male to Female Transgender Transition Stack, we have released 2 of our most popular items in a stack to help you find your way.


Professional grade Estro-Surge ~ designed to increase your bodies potential to raise your own natural levels of feminizing hormone and has been known to help promote growth of and increase the size of breast tissue in men. Estro-Surge has been created to help your body naturally bring about more feminine features, curves and a more desirable appearance. Our proprietary blend contains only the purest all organic ingredients on the market! Each feminizing capsule contains – Licorice Root, Pueraria Murifica, Kwao Kreu Kao, Fennel Seed & Fenugreek Seed.


Professional grade Testo-RID is specially formulated and designed to block, metabolize & suppress T-levels naturally, comfortably and safely. All natural Testo-RID has been designed by our staff of experts to be used as the most powerful herbal driven test eliminator on the market today! Formulated with Dong Quai, Black Coshosh & Saw Palmetto and mixed with our perfectly balanced T-blocking recipe.


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